Breaking Tradition: Why Cane Furniture Isn’t Stranded In The Conservatory

by Greg on October 3, 2013

Cane Furniture

If you take a look in most people’s conservatories, you’ll probably notice an abundance of cane furniture.

For some reason, cane seems to be the go-to option when furnishing your conservatory, but there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t place a cane sofa in a living room, or even a cane armchair on your upstairs landing.

In fact, if you want to break a few traditions this season, you should definitely use cane outside of its comfort zone.

Why? Well, here are just a few reasons:

It’s attractive

cane furniture

Cane furniture is absolutely stunning to look at, and it can create lovely juxtaposition between upholstery and cane. You can also get cane furniture in all kinds of shades and tones, so you’ll find a suite to suit your interior décor no matter what.

It can be incredibly modern

cane furniture

A lot of people have the view that cane furniture is a bit of a fuddy-duddy furniture choice, but this isn’t necessarily true. As you can see, cane furniture can be completely up-to-date and decidedly stylish!

But it can be retro as well

cane furniture

If, however, you’d quite like a bit of a retro feel, cane furniture can help there as well! Try out something like the above image for a throwback to yesteryear and enjoy a little trip down memory lane.

It exhibits amazing workmanship

cane furniture

Those that make cane furniture are true craftsmen, and this material can create some amazing artworks. Just look at the chair in this image – can you imagine being able to make something like that with your bare hands? Probably not! Give these talented individuals some recognition by going for a cane suite the next time you need to buy some furniture!

What do you think of cane – do you think it only belongs in the conservatory or would you be happy to have it throughout the house?

This article was written by Aurora Johnson on behalf of Desser, a company selling everything from cane conservatory furniture to living room rattan suites.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock.

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