Biggest Problems with Home Security Cameras and How You Can Fix them

by Greg on July 6, 2020

installing home security camera

Surveillance camera systems are like a piece of defense equipment for many homeowners. Every night you go to sleep by trusting the modern CCTV cameras. Though they are secured, sometimes they can fail. They can turn your good sleep into a nightmare.
With every problem, there comes a solution. Similarly, there could be issues with your home’s surveillance cameras, but you can deal with it. To know in detail, read on the blog and learn the 5 biggest potential problems with home security cameras, and how can you fix it.

Problem No. 1: Installing different security equipment
One of the primary problems arises when you install different pieces of equipment together at your home. They may not be compatible with each other, which cause problems.

Fix: Get the entire system from one company
To resolve this compatibility issues, you can install the whole surveillance system from the same company at the same time. Spend some extra money to make sure that all the components of the system work collectively.

Problem No. 2: Using default passwords or easy codes
Sometimes, homeowners do not change the default username password of their cameras. And that can lead to the streaming of certain private videos across the internet. The unsecured IP cameras can leak your private information, putting you into a critical state.

Fix: Change the default password and create a difficult one
To prevent other people from peeping into your private life, change the default password of the surveillance camera, and create a new one. Also, make sure that your new password or code should be difficult to guess and different from others that you use.

Problem No. 3: Surveillance cameras don’t capture every area
Many homeowners face this type of problem. You cannot protect your entire home by installing the best camera. An intruder can take an entry from the place which is not protected by your surveillance camera.

Fix: Fill in the gaps
To resolve the problem of cameras not capturing every area, you need to first learn the top tips for home security camera placement. Then during installation, you need to make sure to choose a high and broad angle.
Also, investigate whether your entrance is covered properly, and the surveillance camera grid doesn’t have glaring open shots. Additionally, you should install alarms on all windows and doors of your home.

Problem No. 4: Annoying false alarms of a surveillance system
False alarms are the most annoying problem of surveillance cameras. It can be a result of either a human error like false installation, poor design, etc. or movement of trees or birds flying near to the camera.

Fix: Create masking and set the motion detection sensitivity
One of the best and easy ways to solve the issue is to create masking to prevent motion detection in particular areas. It could be in your backyard if you’ve installed cameras there. If your yard has large trees, then add a mask to it to not activate the motion detector when trees wave due to wind.

Problem No. 5: Privacy of surveillance system stolen by the hackers
Your surveillance system can be easily hacked. Hackers can steal your privacy and inspect your life remotely.

Fix: Protect your system from being hacked
When it comes to hacking, there are usually three types of surveillance systems: wired, unencrypted wireless, and encrypted wireless. Wired systems cannot be hacked, but wires can be cut while encrypted wireless systems are secure, but not 100% safe.
Unencrypted wireless systems can be hacked. To protect your camera, you can create redundant systems with a wired and an encrypted wireless connection.

With the increasing number of crime incidents, home security systems carry the responsibility of protecting your properties as well as your life. However, problems or shortcomings in these systems make them unreliable for the job.
As technology is getting more advanced, people behind these wicked motives are getting smarter. The increasing adoption rate of these systems is demanding researchers and technology experts to patch the loopholes of the surveillance systems. Till then, knowing the problems and its fixes like mentioned above can add a layer of security to your home.


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