Best Options to Manage Bad Flooring in Rental Property

by Greg on March 31, 2020

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Moving into a rental property can be both convenient and challenging at times: on one hand, you don’t have an obligation to maintain your own property, but on a flip side, you’re also constrained when it comes to making a decision regarding maintenance. However, due to economic difficulties, many people opt to rent their homes, since that’s a convenient way to save money without having any debt. Sometimes, managing utilities and decor in rental property can be tricky, especially when it comes to things that aren’t easy to fix, such as flooring. Therefore, here are some ways that will help you manage bad flooring in rental property:

Carpet tiles are an easy solution

carpet tiles interior
Probably the easiest solution out there, as they are simple to install, and are also less of a commitment than wall-to-wall carpet. Usually, carpet tiles are used in industrial buildings mostly as they’re easy to maintain, and can often look neutral while also being functional. However, the best part about carpet tiles is that, even if one section gets permanently stained, you can simply replace it with a new one, which is quite cost-effective and useful, mainly for families with toddlers and small children. Kids are often prone to spilling and messing up the place, so having carpet tiles that are easy to replace can save you a lot of money (and nerves) in the long run, without actually causing any damage to the rental

Consider laminate flooring

laminate flooring interior
Before you start doing any work that requires heavy installation, make sure to get permission from your landlord, especially if you plan to leave the rental in the next year or so. In case you’re staying for longer, then it’s only logical to redo the place to your liking, but only after getting your landlord’s approval. If the original flooring is in such bad shape that it requires you to do some extra work, then laminate flooring is a great solution, since it’s affordable and durable. Aside from that, laminate tiles that mimic the hardwood are great because they’re authentic and easy to apply, considering that they often don’t need nails or adhesives. Just make sure to get the tiles that are click-and-lock, so you will be able to install them without any issues.

Beautify it with cozy rugs

cozy floor rug interior
Sometimes, people are so in a rush to rent a new home that they don’t have time to evaluate everything, and floors often tend to get overlooked during the house-hunting process, because people usually focus on other things they deem more important, such as wiring, plumbing and of course, location. In case you happen to rent a place that has irreparable flooring, then the easiest way to fix it is to beautify what you can, at least to an extent where it won’t be noticeable by those who come to visit you for the first time. Hence, choosing large round rugs can cover all the imperfections, while also adding a certain type of vibe to your space. Be sure to choose rugs with the right motifs that fit with the rest of your furniture, and you`ll get a chic and time-saving way to make your rental look stylish and as comfy as a home can be.

Vinyl floor tiles

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This is probably the most affordable option out there, so if you won’t have time or financial means for anything else, then vinyl floor tiles will surely work for you. The easiest way to install them is to choose precut squares, that come in different colors and motifs. So you could opt for black-and-white ones or something more colorful, depending on your tastes. Even though vinyl floor tiles won’t damage the flooring underneath them, it’s still advisable to perform a test by putting one or two tiles in a slightly hidden location, like behind the fridge or under the dining table.

Talk to your landlord
If the situation is too bad for a makeover, then talking to your landlord should help, but make sure to use the right tone, because otherwise, you might come across as too demanding. Also, before you decide to have a chat, make sure to go over your lease agreement so you will be better informed regarding which repairs your landlord will agree with. You can do the labor yourself or pay for the materials, depending on your own preferences, and the relationship you have with your landlord, just make sure to double-check everything with them before starting any renovations.

Managing bad flooring in rental property doesn’t have to be expensive nor laborious, as long as you’re resourceful and quick-thinking. One of these suggestions will surely work for every room in your rented home, but also, be sure to discuss everything with your landlord before deciding to make any visible and long-lasting changes.

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