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Hi, how are you going? My name is Chris Lang, welcome!

Homeiown in Top 100 Aussie Women blogs
This blog (website) was created to explain how buying, renting, selling or building a house works in Australia. It makes an interesting reading for newbies and outsiders, expats and newcomers, basically anyone who is not familiar with Australian real estate market.

Homeiown’s usefulness has been recognized – most recently in 2013 it won the title of the Best Australian Blog in People’s Choice round, and some time ago in 2009 it won the Best Real Estate and Development Blog Chapeau award. Homeiown has also been included in the Top 100 Aussie Women’s blogs, and can find it in the Top 250 Australian blogs, working its way up.

Here you’ll find:

  • Collection of articles with handy tips about house buying, practical advice for renters, many resources for building a home.
  • Online tools such as land and property value calculators, and links to useful websites that I use and recommend.
  • Fresh content is added regularly – I learn something new every day and pass that on to my readers.

Who is Chris Lang?

The founder of homeiown.com - Aussie real estate blog

I am originally from Europe and have traveled a lot in the world. When I came to Australia, I realized that here it doesn’t matter where you’re from – what’s important is that you’re here to stay. And I’m staying – what to do, fell in love with this country and Melbourne (where I live) is a beautiful city.

Naturally, to make yourself at home in a new country means you need to buy one. It’s very hard not to – everyone in Australia is playing the “real estate game”. I’ve bought and sold a couple of houses in my life and thought that I had it all figured out, easy, but NO – not even close. Australian real estate had many surprises for me and, I am sure, has many more.

So I thought: “Maybe someone else can benefit from the things I am learning” and decided to start this blog. I am writing here about all of the stuff that is new to me, about things home buyers need to know, about possible mistakes newbies can make.

My personal story of starting a new life in Australia is here, read it and you will really get to know me. We all learn “as we go”, so if you have something to add, experience of your own to share – I’d love to hear about it, leave a comment or write me to chris@homeiown.com.

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