A Reputation For Renovation – 6 Tips For Revitalising Your Property

by Greg on December 20, 2016

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There’s nothing more daunting, yet simultaneously satisfying than making over your own home. Whether you’re improving your home to sell or for you to enjoy, finding enthusiasm and joy in your home improvements is imperative to being successful.

By focusing on these six key elements you will come out with a more valuable and loved property.

Curb appeal

The most viewed part of your house and the area where all first impressions are made, is on the outside. People make 90% of their decisions on a house before they’ve even stepped inside, so invest a lot of thought into your house frontage. Pay attention to detail, making sure there are no cracks in your pavement or tiled areas.

Research your options of entranceways that make a statement, such as Concrete Paving. If you’re in Melbourne, Pavement FX can help you create a perfected outdoor area that instantly adds a polished expensive look to any home.

Ensure your roof is intact and painted and the colour is in harmony with the rest of your house. If the face of your house has outdated bricks, or is simply old and cracked, a good option is to have it ‘rendered’. Rendering adds enormous value to your property and gives an instant facelift, as if it’s brand new.

Source an oversized, solid, feature front door. A striking entrance way can give off a feeling of grandeur even if your home is smaller.

Your fence is often overlooked but it is immensely important and sets the tone of your whole house. Your fence, hedge and letterbox should match the style of your home and are really worth investing a lot of thought, if not money, into.


Create a garden (front and back) that looks effortless to maintain.

Investing in something uniform and clean like classic hedges or a plant that suits the particular style of your home, with a manicured lawn, will make or break the look of your property. If you have the time and the weather is decent make a hobby out of spending a couple of hours here and there outside gardening. If you’re time poor like me, a trusted landscaper/gardener once a month should do the trick.

Permanent features

Outdated or cheap flooring will ruin the look of your home.

No amount of cleaning or updating can make your home look nice if your floors are shabby. Invest in a flooring that won’t date quickly, as it can be expensive to keep changing it up every ten years, unlike paint.

As well as being ugly, old carpets can harbour dirt and pests. Most floorings will have floorboards underneath which are classic, cleaner, and with a feature rug here and there won’t date. Check your original floorboards out and see if they’re salvageable before covering them with flooring or carpet.

Create space

A Lot of older houses are designed to be very boxed in, so remember that non-load bearing walls can be easily taken down without structural change to open up your space.

Don’t have a lot of old furniture or knick knacks lying around, if they really do have sentimental value store them.

Keep your space as uncluttered as possible.

Not only is it much easier to keep clean, but it gives a feeling of openness and freedom. The less ‘things’ you have laying around, the better you will feel.


An affordable, relatively easy and incredibly effective option is paint.

Be mindful with your colour choices, however, as they set the tone of the room. Bright whites and a bold feature colour here or there are great in modern homes, but take into consideration the era of your home and stay true to that.

Put a lot of thought into what colour would best compliment not only the inside of your home but details such as your fence, letterbox, front door and outdoor pergola.

Make sure the colour scheme you choose takes full advantage of your homes unique features.

All in the detail

Smaller details can be overlooked as insignificant, but to the contrary, they can set the tone for your whole room. Updating curtains, furnishings, handles, light fittings, even toilet lids can all add to achieving a polished look. While you might not notice the specific item they will definitely give off a feel off class, or shabbiness, while making a huge statement about the quality of your home.

Something as simple as replacing cabinetry handles throughout your house so they are matching and current can make a remarkable, inexpensive improvement.

We get used to looking at the same features day after day, and fail to see things the way others do. A great starting point (whether you’re selling or not) is to have a real estate agent visit your home for a free valuation. They will give you honest opinions on what stands out to them, what you should invest in updating, and what you should leave.

Enjoy renovating your home, you’ll get back more than you put in and hopefully with the help of this guide, you’ll have an experience that’s fun, creative and rewarding.

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