9 Foolproof Ways to Achieve a Rustic Interior Design for Your Home

by Greg on April 12, 2018

Rustic interior design

The rustic interior design is deeply rooted in American and European cultures. This style typically features casual accessories and furniture. In some aspects, the rustic decor has no definite set of style at all.

Instead, it is an assortment of wooden items in one space. Plus, this theme highlights the real beauty of natural elements, promotes casual tastes, making you feel at home. Here are some tips to consider when planning to have a rustic interior home design.

Utilize Wood Furnishings

Straight lines, sleek minimalism, and contemporary design are the enemies of rustic home design. On the other hand, the raw and natural materials repurposed rare objects, and aged, weathered furniture is its greatest buddy.

Furniture built from the distressed wood which provides that smooth, weathered effect is remarkably easy to source online with a wide variety of choices, making it easier for you to search for that perfect item for your home.

Go for smoother tones that contribute a more earthy design and consider washing your tables and furnishings to get the fresher look.

Incorporate Warm Fireplace

Rustic interior design

Just as any camping isn’t perfect without the campfire, so is a rustically styled home is not complete without a friendly, and inviting fireplace.

Put that fireplace made out of visually weighty raw elements such as brick, rock, stone, or a thick, stocky mantel that is ideal for a rustic-themed family or living room.

Embrace Raw and Non-Painted Woods

Rustic style promotes the natural state of all items, and the chance to feel and see the roughness of wood, its natural tones, and its grain is a big deal.

It serves to keep the textures of different woods such as oak, pine, birch or walnut separate, making it individually interesting.

Admit Neutral Fabrics

The overall feeling of having a rustic-style interior should always take over to any fabrics used on accessories such as cloth and carpets. Hence, instead of selecting plain fabrics, choose colors that promote naturalism, which will help make your furniture look as neutral as possible.

Go for Simplicity

The highest goal of the rustic interior design style is to achieve the charm and warmth of a rustic-type ambiance while taking benefit of all of the comforts of modern amenities.

No matter how lovely you want for your space to be, you probably want to make sure that your fittings are still modern. For instance, you may consider placing a mid-century piece in your home, and the mixture of wood and plain leather is perfect for this style.

Incorporate with Baskets

Baskets are an attractive way to carry miscellaneous items, organize stuff, or to set a design theme. In rustic home decor, woven baskets can do all of that. Thus, you could keep a bucket of logs on your fireplace, a woven tray of tiny collections on the racks, or a basket on the table to store the remote controls.

Comprise Decorative Tree or Branches

Rustic interior design

Now, if you want to do something different, consider incorporating a decorative tree or branches into your design and equip it with lights and some decorations to suit the season.

However, remember not to cut the trees and branches in the park or your neighborhood, it will be irresponsible, and also it’s illegal.

Expose the Floors

If you’re covering the wood floors with tiles or carpet, think of creating more rustic attention by exposing those wooden floors if it’s still in good condition. Also, have them fixed up if they could use a little makeover, and avoid painting them.

Consider showing them off all of their natural beauty to bring a raw and rugged refinement to space.

Blend with Rugged Lighting

Authentic candle chandeliers and brass lamps are perfect lighting choices for rustic home decors. Thus, you may want to include vintage fixtures, as they lead the rustic room designs.

Soft lighting that produces a welcoming and warm mood is your best option, instead of fluorescent lamps or modern overhead illumination.


The rustic theme has been considered more of a trend by several individuals and interior artists. Further, there is a large number of people who are welcoming the rustic home design.

The key is to have a floor plan that is more free and open, as well as structural elements that are both preserved and exposed, joined with modern-style furnishings which are available from stores like Black Mango and some home decor sites online.

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