7 Most Expensive House Sales in Australia in 2018

by Greg on February 1, 2019

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Buying property in Australia has become somewhat of a sport. With countless desperate investors, families and first home buyers lining up to get their hands on some real estate, prices have sky rocketed and at that rate, I’ll be lucky if I don’t end up living back at home.

The high demand for property makes home ownership a pipe dream for many as the country’s most expensive house sales rub salt in the wound a little more. It doesn’t have to be far off dream however, as with proper budgeting and the right home loan, you can open yourself up to the market and get involved. The cheapest home loans with the best rates and security is the key to buying a new home and makes even the most expensive houses seem affordable.

Let’s take a look at the seven most expensive house sales in Australia in 2018.

1. Fairwater House, Point Piper NSW. (Sold for $100 million.)
Fairwater House - Australia's most expensive property
This stunning beachside mansion oozes style and elegance with light filled rooms and beautiful high ceilings. Purchased by tech billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes, it ranks as Australia’s most expensive house sale in 2018.
Read more about the sale here: https://www.businessinsider.com.au/atlassian-co-founder-mike-cannon-brookes-just-paid-up-to-100m-for-australias-most-expensive-house-2018-9

2. Stonington Mansion, Malvern VIC. (Sold for $52.5 million.)
This Mansion was put on the market by art dealer, Rod Menzies. With a stunning white facade and beautifully kept gardens that stretch around the property, some might think $52 million is a steal. If you’re a fan of beautiful gardens, you may need to extend you budget slightly more with the help from a home loan. When you take out a home loan with Newcastle Permanent, you can reap the benefits of fee waivers and discounts when it comes to your daily transactions.

3. Longworth Avenue Home, Point Piper NSW. (Sold for $45 million.)
After being sold for $13.5 million in 2012, this Point Piper Home has since more than tripled its worth in 2018. With beachfront views and an incredible build, this home now belongs to Luxury car importer Neville Crichton.

4. Baden Road Home, Neutral Bay NSW. (Sold for $35 million.)
Sitting comfortably on the fringe of Sydney’s harbour, this home was listed by former Woolworths executive Bill Wavish. With breathtaking views of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks, you’re guaranteed to have the best seat in the house all year round.

5. The Rose Bay Home: Bayview Hill Road, Rose Bay NSW. (Sold for $30 million.)
This property was the home of the late business tycoon, Sonja Lyneham. Purchased by property developer Arash Tavakoli, this home is located harbour-side, surrounded by the stunning Rose Bay.

6. New Beach Road Mansion, Darling Point NSW. (Sold for $28 million.)
The Meagher family’s former Mansion delivers on style and functionality. A stunning front is complemented with its yard and close proximity to stunning waters. Beachside properties fetch higher prices and may require an extra expense when you’re looking to buy. Newcastle Permanent offers a Premium Plus Home Loan Package which delivers a competitive 4.27%PA comparison rate helping you to get the home of your dreams.

7. Hopetoun Mansion, Mosman NSW. (Sold for $25 million.)
Smashing the record for the most expensive sale in Sydney’s lower north shore, Sydney Swans chairman Andrew Pridham is now the owner of the waterside property that boasts opulence.

These homes all paint a picture of luxury and they carry similar traits. With the majority looking over the water and residing within the heart of Sydney, it goes to show just how much people are willing to pay for their little bit of Sydney. While these homes specifically may blow out your budget, expanding suburbs and renovated city centres make any part of Australia prime real estate. Don’t let your dream home get snatched out of your hands. Trust in your lender to give you the best rates and deals across the country and help you achieve your dream of owning your own home. With Newcastle Permanent, you can find the cheapest home loans with an organisation who works with you to get the keys to your home in your hands sooner.

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