7 Mood Boosting Spring-Inspired Paint Colours for Your Home

by Greg on September 22, 2018

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Spring is coming, and gloomy days will be over soon. Does your interior look dingy? Renovating has always been a good idea. Have you thought about adding a fresh coat of paint to bring life to your home? One important aspect to consider before choosing the right colour for your interior is your existing house paint. Does it lighten up your mood or cause you to feel stressed?

Painting your walls is an effective way to help recover from the winter blues and improve your home’s look and feel. If you happen to consider revamping your home in the lead up to spring, colours such as Capital Yellow and Green Thumb can be your option.

Paint Colour Ideas for Spring

Colours can have a wide impact on one’s mood and behaviour. Marketers and business professionals use them to help influence the customer’s impulse and buying decisions. Expert designers and decorators also agree that colours evoke certain emotions.

Colours are versatile and can vary depending on your preferred shade and tone. Little tweaks can form a beautiful colour that gives life to every area of your home. It’s advisable to hire painters to help you decide on what colour will suit your property and lifestyle.

1. Dancing Waters

Cool colours such as Dancing Waters invoke a positive vibe when used indoors.

Painting your wall with this colour creates a soothing effect and makes someone feel comfortable. It also stimulates energy and is perfect for living rooms.

2. Pink Clay Pot

Pink Clay Pot is a popular spring colour. It simply gives a warmer feel and a subtle look when used in interior walls.

Using it as a focal colour can be partnered with white accents and soft furnishings to balance its overall appeal.

3. Green Thumb

Another cool colour to add to your list is Green Thumb. It helps to create a cheerful ambience and can be used around the kitchen walls and playrooms. Using it is one way to bring your outdoor gardens in and relieve your stress.

Displaying a plant pot on your countertop is also a great idea to add a cheery element to your dining space.

4. Swanky Grey

Swanky Grey may not be your first option but its ability to make a good balance with cream-textured furnishings can make a room look sophisticated.

It can be used as a focal or accent colour in your bedroom walls and hallways. Pairing it with touches of lilac also results in a professional-looking space.

5. Capital Yellow

Capital Yellow stimulates high energy and optimism. It also helps brighten an enclosed space and make the room look wider.

This vibrant colour doesn’t only represent spring’s lovely blooms but also awakens one’s mood. Capital Yellow can be used in laundry rooms and can be partnered with white trims and pieces of furniture.

6. Vivid White

Vivid White evokes a fresh and airy look, especially when paired with pops of soft greys and pink blush. Using it allows you to add brighter shades of colour through your furniture and upholstery.

Using it in your living room is also one way to introduce a coastal style around your home.

7. Ice Cream Colours

Your choice of colours can be tweaked a bit if you want to make your home look more unique and personalised.

Choosing your favourite gelato flavour and incorporating it into your bedroom or living space walls lets you create a fun and lively atmosphere.

Bring a Touch of Spring Indoors

Each colour has different shades and tones that can be best suited for spring. You can mix and match the available colours depending on your desired look and outcome.

Using them anywhere in your home is doable. Before doing a thorough application, it’s good to try it out first in a small portion of your house to test its effectiveness. You’ll never go wrong as long as you run a specific test before a major application.

Most importantly, make sure to choose the best combination that’s perfect for your home. In the end, it’s your preference that creates a positive ambience that you will love.

Whether your plate is full or you only have limited skills and resources to do the job, it can make a big difference to ask for professional assistance.

When looking for the right painter or painting contractor, ask for their portfolio and credentials to avoid future disputes and spending large costs.

Make your home spring-ready with these painting ideas!

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