7 Easy Tips to Give Your House Street Appeal

by Greg on October 13, 2016

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Looking to sell your home? Street appeal is critical when it comes to beating the property market. First impressions will make or break a potential buyer, which means you need to tick all the boxes.

Buyers often look to change various aspects of your home in order to make it their own. The best practice is to help them to envision their future by not obstructing an inspection with overgrown shrubbery and a less than optimal exterior paint job.

You might not own a brand new custom home, but filling in the gaps for your own property can be easy. Follow these seven tips for a house that beckons from the kerb and fuels the imagination of buyers.

Add a Lick of Paint

A bright colour will give your home the vibrancy and a new lease of life you never knew it was missing. A fresh paint job is cost-effective and can substantially influence the value and appeal of your house.

Don’t stop at painting just the weatherboards, though. Be sure to fix up your front door with a bright, bold tone to draw the eye in. If you don’t think your house needs a full makeover (lucky you!) then grab the hose and clear any muck and cobwebs that age your beautiful exterior.

Do Some Basic Landscaping

There’s nothing like an overgrown garden and missing footpath to shut down the street appeal. Head out to the front yard when the weather permits to give your lawn a mow – don’t forget the nature strip. A clear garden gives the impression of a respectable dwelling.

Indoor-outdoor living during the summer is especially favourable, so landscaping your green space will be another brownie point in the eyes of buyers. While you shouldn’t go crazy on any garden sculptures, a few pot plants and a decorative pathway will give your home character and should lead straight to the front door.

An extra tip? Offer to mow your neighbour’s lawn as well, this will enhance your neighbourhood appeal.

Give Your Fence a Little TLC

A stunning fence is the crowning glory of your lot. If your white picket border is starting to look a little grubby, fix it up with a quick hose down and patch paint job. Fences are often overlooked by the homeowner, but never by the buyer.

If you’d prefer a complete knockdown rebuild, then consider replacing your fence with a new style that matches the theme, colour and size of your house. If you have large windows at the front then choose a higher fence, privacy is of the utmost concern for home buyers.

Switch Up Your Hardware

One rickety door handle later and you’ve set the tone for a buyer before they’ve even stepped through your front door – thinking, ‘what else is unstable?’ Fixing and choosing new door hardware is a simple and quick alternative to replacing an entire door or window. An easy trip to your local hardware store can unleash any number of colours and styles, but as a general rule, it is best to steer clear of silver or anything too decorative.

Aside from your front door, it’s also a good idea to redo your front gate. This is the very first thing that a person will see before entering the property and can help to make them feel welcome.

Number Your House

Display your street number clearly on your home to not only give the property a sense of place but help potential buyers to locate your house on the street. A bold, modern design will stand out for all the right reasons to a passerby and can update the aesthetic of your lot.

Have fun with it! Numbers come in different fonts and sizes, as well as arrangements. Just ensure that the figure is legible and in keeping with the rest of the property. Step onto the other side of your street to establish how easily your new numbers can be seen.

Outdoor Furniture

A cosy seat on the front veranda is a great way to invite buyers to relax, unwind and envision their lives in a house. It also demonstrates the size and potential of your outdoor space, positioning the area as flexible to their needs.

Don’t go overboard with the furniture – buyers need a nudge, not a push. In the current market, they are more likely to come in and change it up to suit their unique lifestyle, so a designer home approach isn’t necessary; just show them an ideal starting point.

Don’t Forget to Keep Private

Prospective buyers will drive past your house at all hours to have a look in before they even consider booking an appointment. This is where privacy becomes paramount, as a leading concern for many home buyers and particularly families.

Ensure that any windows are sheltered from the street by planting trees in your front garden, this will also offer seclusion from the neighbourhood. If you have a side path, install a gate to provide secure access to your property.


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