6 Ways to Spruce up your Garden Beds for Inspections

by Greg on October 26, 2017

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Are you preparing your home for inspection? There are many ways to prep your house for inspections but one great way is to spruce up your garden beds.

This is a relatively cost effective approach to make sure your home shines. Outdoor landscaping is one of the first things folks see when they look at your home. So, keeping your garden beds in order is important!

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Let’s take a look at six different ways to spruce up your garden beds!

Add Colored Mulch

The addition of colored mulch can go a long way when you are updating your garden beds. This garden bed tip helps bring variety and a fresh look to your garden beds. Colored mulches hold their color for a longer period of time than traditional bark mulch. So not only will colored mulch set you apart from your neighbors, you will also get more bang for your buck!

Try New Landscaping Edging

Another fun way to spruce up your garden beds is to try a new edging technique. Gone are the days when gardens had to adhere to boring straight lines. Mix up the edges of your garden beds by adding a fun walkway or pathway around your garden.

Garden Rocks

Utilize Rocks, Stones, and Pebbles

It is tempting to think a garden bed must be confined to grasses, flowers and other plants. But that is not true! Mix up your garden bed design by adding rocks, stones and pebbles. There are many ways to do this. You can add in different stones to your already mulched garden beds to give diversity to the bed. This also allows you to play with the lines and aesthetic of your garden beds. Or you can line your beds with gravel for a classy upgrade that gives your garden beds a clean border.

Give Garden Globes a Try

Garden globes are a funky and trendy way to easily upgrade your garden. These concrete pieces add style and class to your garden and are an interesting way to incorporate art into the garden.

Garden Fountain

Get Dramatic with a Garden Fountain

While we’re on the subject of garden art, another fun way to take your garden beds to the next level is to add a garden fountain. While this is not the cheapest upgrade, it will surely set your garden beds apart. Whether your style leans toward classic, modern or rustic, there is definitely a garden fountain out there that will enhance the beauty of your garden and home.

Clean it Up!

We’ll save the cheapest, easiest and possibly best tip for last. What is most important is that you clean up your garden beds! We all know it’s easy to let the garden beds go by the way side. Busy schedules, bad weather, and life in general can keep us from the steady maintenance gardens require. But the best way to spruce up your garden beds it to clean them up! Get rid of leaves, weeds, sticks or any other type of debris and you will automatically have a fresh looking bed. Of course this does require a little sweat equity but it will be well worth the hard work!

So, whether you are sprucing your garden beds up for an inspection, to sell your home or just to upgrade your home’s aesthetic, there are plenty of ways to get the job done. Most aren’t costly and simply require your time and energy. And believe me, once your garden beds are in tip top shape, you’ll feel that it was well worth the time. With those garden beds spruces up, we think your home might just be the talk of the neighborhood!


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