6 types of houses in Australia you must know about

by Chris Lang on June 8, 2008

It sure helps when you know that any house in Australia belongs to one of 6 types. How many times have you read in the real estate ad something like: “…this beautiful Victorian home” or “…lovely Federation house” and had no idea what the house looks like or how old it is?

I was so confused about the houses in Australia and thought that there are too many different styles and periods of construction to remember, anyone who didn’t grow up here wouldn’t know. In reality it is much simpler-once you know what “Victorian house” means, it immediately tells you that the house is at least 100 years old.

I have made this short summary to keep handy when I read real-estate listings and it is a great help. It starts with the oldest houses and progresses to the newer ones.

Houses in Australia – different periods and styles:

Victorian 1840 – 1890
Federation 1891 – 1913
War 1914 – 1945
Post-war 1946 – 1959
Contemporary 1960 – present. There are 2 types, “project style” – meaning a house was built from a common plan and “custom built” – meaning a house was built using a unique design.

I will be adding pictures of typical houses soon, so stay tuned!

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