6 Simple Hacks for Increasing Your Curb Appeal

by Greg on November 30, 2017

house curb appeal

Sprucing up a house for sale or not, is far from easy. With so many factors that come into play that can seriously impact the impression people make – every little bit counts. This comes down to the simple fact that first impression carry the most weight and if we’re not careful, our golden opportunity to sell the place could go as fast as it came. There are several areas where we are able to put in a bit of work that can have enormous payoffs that will really give our home a step up on the competition.

Glam it up

First things first, we need to be aware of the world we live in. Nowadays people take pictures of their meals before eating them, they take selfies before heading out…at times, it almost feels like your online presence has more sway over people than your real one. By this logic, the same should go for our real estate, and indeed it does. Put on a few filters, get a few good angles in and take snapshots. The majority of your buyers will be looking online before they even set foot outside the door – sell the house that way, make your first impression a digital one.

Get into your buyer’s head

This is true for any sale one might have, we do need to understand the needs of our clients so we can cater to their specific needs. Look at what’s popular, emphasize those aspects of your home. Another great idea is to inspect your house with a friend or pretend you’re a neutral party. Look for any cracks, ugly stains, damage on the outside of the house – anything you would look for if you were shopping. This will greatly increase the odds of pawning the place off if all the bases are sufficiently covered.

Mind the roof

This is something most people tend to overlook when selling but almost everyone who’s interested ends up inspecting – the roof. Simply put, no one wants a damaged or old roof. Roofing is one of the more expensive things you can pay for and is something potential buyers do not even want to think about when spending who knows how many thousands on the home. Take the time, repair any obvious damage or worn out segments. It may cost a bit more but it will allow you to raise your asking price and mention the maintenance as a bonus to anyone who’s interested.


increase curb appeal

Tying into what was said about presenting the home digitally, a good way to compliment any interesting angles or area of the house is to light it up adequately. A good angle and an appropriate amount of light can turn make all the difference. Naturally, to get the most bang for your buck, arrange for potential buyers to come by during the evening. This will take full advantage of your lighting and might even provide a cozier atmosphere as the Sun slowly sets while they’re being walked through the lot.

Go green

Well, if you choose the garden as your primary means of psychological warfare, then be prepared to get your hands dirty. A sweet garden will definitely pull in more people than anything else on the list, but it will require a bit of work. Surprisingly enough, premium hose reels in different lenghts and garden tools are not that hard to come by, the real challenge is getting the garden into shape before your big sale. Keeping a garden is no easy task, but the payoff is more than worth it, causing house prices to skyrocket with very little investment.

Freshen it up

increase curb appeal

When everything’s been said and done, we’re left with one very simply thing – a fresh coat of paint. Paint is cheap, get it by the gallons and get to work. Pick out a nice day and give the old house a facelift. A vibrant color coupled with either a garden or the lighting trick we talked about will make the house pop. This will drag in buyers from all over the place and will actually do quite a bit of advertising on its own – it’s a win-win.

Sell, sell, sell

Now that everything’s been taken care of, we’re left with the small task of sealing the deal. All the work we’ve put in was simply to boost our odds of selling the place, but it still comes down to our attitude, our charm and our asking price. At the end of the day, we’ve still got one bombshell of a house and if there’s no buyers today, there might be some tomorrow, or the day after that, you never know. On the bright side, we’ll have our new, shiny house to bide our time in until such a time comes.

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