6 Devices to help you connect your home

by Greg on March 9, 2017

smart home

Nucleus is a new way to communicate with the people you love. This intercom can be placed in two separate rooms, or two separate countries. However you choose to set it up, you have a live feed into the other Nucleus device with the touch of a button.

 Nucleus smart home

Lutron is an electronic motorized shade system. It allows the shades in your house to be controlled through a smartphone app, so you can adjust as needed without having to get up. Like many Smart Home creations, this is all about convenience.

Amazon Echo Assistant is the Smart Home hub. It connects and interfaces with all of your devices so you can interact with them through one central port for efficiency. This device is especially useful if you have more than three other Smart Home gadgets.

Simplisafe is a wireless security system for your home. It’s incredibly simple to set up and use, and is integrated with your smartphone. You can rest assured knowing you’ll get up-to-the-second updates if there are any intruders on your property.

Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper can help you get better sleep as a new parent. It will rock your baby all by itself!

Phillips Hue Lighting is both an entertainment system and a green lighting system in one. It’s energy efficient because of its LED light technology, and it’s built for your convenience because you can control it from your smartphone. You can also set it to match the ambient music in the room.

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