5 Tips On Selecting A Good Plumber For Your Home

Plumber for your home

by Chris Lang on October 9, 2011

Plumbers are tradespeople who are competent at laying out or repairing anything around your home that is connected with water. They are the people you call in for help when your storm water drain becomes blocked and part of your home becomes flooded, you have a leak in a water pipe or your hot water service packs it in. They also attend to your sewerage needs if anything should occur within your home boundary that is no longer the responsibility of your municipal council.

However the hiring of their services can be quite expensive, depending on the amount of work required to repair any damage that has been done. In this sense if you need to call a plumber make sure you have your credit card handy.

In order to make sure you get a good job done for the price you will be charged you would do well to adhere to the following tips:

1 – Only hire a licensed plumber. The building trade is awash with people who are only part trained. People who have been around tradespeople for a long time but have never actually got themselves officially qualified. These people have nothing to lose if they do a bad job and although they may be cheaper to hire than a fully qualified plumber you will be running a big risk. By law plumbers have to be licensed and they are also aware of any permits that may be needed before they can carry out the work you are requiring them to do. A licensed plumber’s work will be guaranteed and insured. You will be more certain of having a good job done if it is done by a licensed plumber.

2 – Obtain references. Even if the plumber you are considering is licensed you will not know what kind of work he does if you do not personally know him. Some plumbers have many jobs going at the one time and are constantly going from one to another. You want to hire a plumber who will give good attention to the job you need him to carry out for you. One who will turn up when he says he will and one who will remain on the job until it is finished. It will be no good if you find you can’t shower for a couple of days because your plumber has been called out to a bigger job that will pay more. Try to obtain references from people who have had work done by your plumber of choice before you go ahead and sign him up. It is often better to take a bit of time to be sure you have the right man for the job than to be sorry later.

3 – Is his/her work guaranteed? Don’t be afraid to ask your plumber if he guarantees his work. Ask him straight out if his work is guaranteed against poor workmanship or against something adverse happening. Ask him how long the work is guaranteed for, is it for a month, three months, six months, a year, or even longer. Get his guarantee in writing and have it signed because if anything was to go wrong and you have no certified guarantee, you can bet your bottom dollar that the necessary remedial work will not get done. This means all repair costs will have to be borne by you.

4 – Experience. We all know everybody has to start somewhere but unless your plumber has had some years of experience his qualifications might stand for little. Plumbing is a trade where experience builds on theory and the longer a person has been in the trade the better tradesperson he becomes. It is best to employ a plumber who has worked for another plumber for a period before venturing out by himself. You will probably have to pay more for an experienced tradesperson but as long as you have your credit card handy this shouldn’t be too big a problem. An experienced plumber will probably get the job done faster than an inexperienced one and if you are paying by the hour you should recoup any higher rates in time taken to complete the job.

5 – Price. Now it’s time to get out the credit card and pay for a job well done. Nearly all issues to do with the building trade revolve around cost and in this area plumbers are no less aggressive than electricians and carpenters. The hourly rate charged between different plumbers can be quite substantial but don’t let price determine your choice. The reason why you might get a low quote to do a certain job might be because that particular plumber can’t get work. The reason why he can’t get work might be because he leaves a lot to be desired in both attitude and workmanship.

Make sure you get quotes for the work you need to have carried out, by three or more plumbers. Test their quotes against their experience, references and organisational appearances. A good plumber should give you free quotes and unless the job is an emergency the time will be well spent.

This article was written by Timothy Ng. You can read more of his work at http://www.creditcardfinder.com.au/ where he has a number of comprehensive guides to all types of credit cards.

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Daniel M. Alfonso June 1, 2013 at 12:31 pm

Nice article! Pretty helpful. This’ll help me out if in case I’ll be having problems at home. Unfortunately, not all plumbers are good. Some even have the title, “Professional Plumbers” just for display and caused nothing but problems.


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