5 Reasons to Use Video Surveillance in Your Home

by Greg on September 19, 2012

Surveillance camera

Video surveillance is no longer an expensive and difficult thing to set up in the home. Modern technology and wireless designs make recording images around the dwelling simpler than ever. So why is video surveillance a good idea and what benefits can be achieved?

If you have children then you will know that their safety comes above everything else and whilst they are still infants it is difficult to take your eyes off them. With video surveillance you can watch your baby sleep without disturbing the little bundle of joy, giving you peace of mind and them a good night’s rest. Some surveillance cameras will have night vision features enabling you to even see your baby sleeping when the lights are out.

When the children get a little older they might start having friends around and playing outside in the yard. If you have surveillance set up outside you can make sure that they are safe and haven’t gotten themselves in any danger. Even fenced off areas such as pools can become a challenge to young children, so if they are out in the garden it is always sensible to have at least one eye on them. With video surveillance you can have a constantly streamed picture to the television or computer so that you can get on with what you are doing safe in the knowledge that they are alright.

Leaving the children with a babysitter is always a difficult thing to do. Putting your trust in somebody else where your child’s welfare is concerned is never easy especially if the sitter is new. With the use of surveillance you can keep an eye on what is going on at home via the internet or record the images to look at when you return home. If you do decide that this is the right option for you however, you should let the baby sitter know exactly what you are doing so as not to intrude on their privacy. Also if the sitter knows that you are keeping tabs they may feel that they should take better care of your child.

As children become older still they may be able to return from school on their own. When the time comes for you to return to full time employment it is often very difficult to not be there when the kids come home. With surveillance you can check to see that the children have returned safely from school and are happy at home. This can be done via email or text alert and images can be sent to your computer at work.

Lastly, whilst home security systems with alarms are a good deterrent they are becoming more and more popular meaning that the alarms don’t always get noticed. Intruders may still try their luck on your property knowing that they will have some time before anybody investigates the noise. However if they see that the property is protected by video surveillance they will know that an image of them will be captured increasing the likelihood of an arrest and therefore making your home less of a target.



Carlita Morandi

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