5 Lessons About Home Repairs to Learn From Experts

by Greg on July 29, 2020

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Fixing your own home can be a good way to learn things and to customize your space. That being said, there are things inside the walls, floor and ceiling of your home that can hurt or kill you. In addition, you may make a mistake that will cost you a great deal of time and money to fix.

Basic Maintenance
If you notice a stain on your ceiling, get your roof checked out ASAP. If you hear dripping when someone is in the shower, you have a leak somewhere. Keep your refrigerator coils clean by pulling the grill at the bottom and vacuuming the unit. When it’s raining, walk around your house and check your gutters to see what isn’t draining. When the risk of lightning is passed, get out the ladder, and clear the clog. While you’re monitoring your guttering, be aware that your plumbing vent pipes can also become clogged with leaves and debris. If you notice slow drains or toilets that aren’t flushing fully, there may be an issue with the vent pipe.

If you’ve ever seen a home repair show, you’ll note that they seldom show common plumbing problems, such as

  • metal parts that are rusted in place
  • leaks caused by a poorly placed wax seal
  • a broken toilet that was tightened down too hard or handled too roughly

Plumbing takes a lot of dexterity and hand strength. If you put your whole arm or back into tightening something down, you will break things that can’t be repaired and must be replaced. Also, if you’re tall, spending a day folded up on the floor while you try to set a toilet or laying on your back with your feet up the wall while you’re trying to hook up a sink drain gets tiring.

To make sure you’re working safe, go to the trouble of turning off the breaker, not just the switch. A simple way to do this is to plug in a radio (no batteries) and turn up some loud music. Go to the breaker box and flip switches until the music stops. Now, you should be safe in addressing the outlet or switch problem. Depending on the age of your home, you may be put at risk by unique factors such as

  • bare copper wires
  • multiple electrical boxes
  • ungrounded wiring

If you are working on an outlet or a switch that you know is off at the breaker and you still find hot wires, back away. Put down the tool and monitor your physical reaction; depending on the power of the shock you got, you may need medical attention. If you find that you’re ok, call an electrician to avoid a serious injury or a fire.

Change the filters regularly and get your furnace and HVAC unit serviced on a regular basis. If you have any training, you may be able to clean or service your units on your own. However, a mistake on one of these units can be fatal to you and your family.
If you’re installing a window AC unit in an upper floor, don’t work alone. Someone needs to manage the window opening while someone else handles the unit. AC units aren’t well balanced and are extremely heavy; you will appreciate the help when it’s time to lower the window and secure the unit.

Pools and Spas
Pools take regular maintenance. If you can’t, make sure you hire someone. Once your pool goes green and turns into a swamp, or once your spa tub is loaded with slime, you may be looking at a serious repair bill. Per DocDeans pools, a group Windermere Pool Service & Repair experts, the sooner a pool issue is noticed, the sooner the repair can be managed and the less chance you have of owning a swamp. No matter what type of pool you have, be aware that there are critters that want to hang out there even more than you do.
Keeping your home running smoothly doesn’t have to be terribly expensive or time-consuming, but you will need to act quickly when you notice a problem. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, and be ready to call in a pro if you get in over your head.

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Jack Wilson August 13, 2020 at 4:27 pm

Hi Greg, I agree plumbing takes a lot of hard strength! You have shared useful information on how we can learn from experts to make the things repaired at home. Thanks much, keep sharing!


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