5 Home Improvement Tips to Help You Sell

by Greg on March 28, 2012

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Are you struggling to sell your home, but decided against using a professional home staging company? Making some simple and affordable changes to your interior décor could make all the difference, and even get you a better price. Take a look at these top tips for a quicker sale:

1. Unclutter and Depersonalize.
You need to stop thinking of your house as a home, as hard as this may be. Buyers will find it difficult to imagine living in a space if it’s filled with your clutter. You need to create a light, spacious and inviting home so remove any pieces of furniture that make your rooms feel crowded, and box up items that aren’t essential. Your house should be a blank canvas so buyers can easily visualise adapting it to their own tastes. And think of this packing away process as a head start on what you will need to do before your move.

2. Remove dated window dressings.
Old, dreary curtains and broken blinds will do nothing to help you sell your home. Replacing these with wooden vertical blinds is both cheap and easy. For smaller rooms choose lighter woods for a light, fresh look, and for larger rooms create a cosier feel with darker woods. Wooden vertical blinds can also be used on patio doors and in conservatories to create a feeling of privacy on houses that may be overlooked by neighbors.

3. Redecorate.
Once you’ve put away any clutter and personal items, such as photographs, give your walls a fresh coat of paint. This is especially important if your rooms are painted in bright colors, as these can make rooms appear smaller and darker. Choose a neutral shade to create a feeling of space and make it easier for buyers to imagine how they would use each room.

4. Organize your storage.
Cupboards stuffed with clothing and items make it look like you don’t have enough storage space. Put anything you don’t need in storage, or use this as an opportunity to give away a few things. Install draws and shelves and refill with your essentials, ensuring your cupboards look neat and organised.

5. Make a feature of your flooring.
Worn or dirty carpets can put buyers off. If you have hardwood floors underneath, this is a great way to solve this problem and attract buyers who won’t have to wonder what’s underneath. If you don’t have hardwood floors, it’s not worth the expense of investing in new carpets. For a cheap solution, hire a steam cleaner to make them as clean as possible.

If you follow these five tips, with a little effort and at low cost your home will be much more desirable to buyers.

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