5 Great tools for online property research

by Chris Lang on June 17, 2008

Doing efficient research of properties online saves you tons of time – and time is money, right? It is really a good idea to find out all you can about the house before you take time to inspect it. And it is possible with the help of these very useful tools:

Reiv – weekly sales data

This tool gives you an idea what’s happening on the market, is it a good time to buy or sell, see full explanation here.

Realestate.com.au – Sold properties

This tool gives you the precise picture of a houses price range in the area you’re looking at. Visit Realestate.com.au, click on “Buy” tab and on “Sold Properties” in it, choose your state and suburb and you will see all the sold houses on the map. Many properties (not all but still decent percentage of them) will show the price they were sold for.

Google maps

Using Google maps you can look at any house from above. Actually there are 3 kinds of maps: satellite, terrain and regular map.

Satellite map can help you understand, for example, is the garden facing north or south, how close is neighbor’s house to yours, is the back yard large enough for you to build a workshop there, etc.

Terrain map can tell you for example whether or not your house is located on the hill.

Regular map shows very clearly all the near-by amenities, like recreation centers, schools, shopping centers, train stations, etc.

Google planimeter

Not in every real estate listing you can find the size of land and in many cases even the agents can’t tell you that – but you’d still want to know. This is where Google planimeter can help you – set the points in the corners of the allotment and the tool will measures its area. The downside – no search box, you have to manually find your state/suburb/street/lot on the map.

Gmap pedometer

In many cases you would like to know the distance between, say, your house and the closest bus stop. Using Google pedometer you can easily set two points on the map and it will tell you the exact distance between them.

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