5 Easy Ways to get the most out of your backyard

by Greg on July 23, 2019

fountain in the backyard

Whether you have a spacious garden haven, or a small cozy courtyard, there’s many things you can do to get the full potential out of your backyard. A backyard can be a gardener ‘s paradise, an area to entertain guests, or a simple, low maintenance space for you and your family to relax in. Whatever you desire from your backyard, there’s a way to achieve it.

Let’s take a look below at a few different ways to get the most out of your backyard.

The Sun

No matter what you want to use your backyard for, the sun will always have a dictating affect. For gardeners it will decide what can grow where, for the entertainers, it will play an important role in your parties. Take note of how the sun hits your backyard throughout the day, and where, if at all, some shade occurs.

Knowing where the sun will be in your yard throughout the day can help massively in designing the layout of your backyard. If you need more shade, consider planting large shady trees, or investing in a pergola.

The Shed

Often, the garden shed is a neglected aspect of the yard. Either an empty space with a few bits and pieces, or a crammed shed that holds an area of gardening tools and equipment. Instead of simply throwing your tools and gardening equipment in the shed for storage, turn the space into a well-organised space with great hardware store vibes. If your shed is looking a little rough, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. A simple EasyShed that you can assemble in a few easy steps will work fine.

Have your tools hung up on the wall, install cabinetry and have a workspace in the shed too. This way if you need to work on something or fix a tool that you own, you have somewhere to do so. If you’re an avid painter, tinkerer or even a hobby mechanic, then using your shed for these things is fantastic. You can make all the mess you want without worrying too much about stains or paint

An Outdoor Movie Room

On the other hand, if you’re not quite the handyman or gardener, consider repurposing your garden shed to bring a whole new aspect to your backyard. If your shed is full of equipment you need, but hardly ever use, consider using a community self-storage service, such as Spacer to securely and affordably store your items.

If there’s one way to really get the most out of a shed, it’s to set up a projector or a large flat screen, set down some beanbags, add a portable AC and transform the space into an outdoor theatre room.

The entire family or your friends will love the space and being outside will mean that turning all the lights off won’t leave you in total darkness. There’s no need to switch lights off and on each time someone goes to get snacks or for a bathroom break. It’s the ultimate movie atmosphere.

Blur the Fence lines

This is a great tip, especially for those with yards on the smaller size. If you’re neighbors have tall plants that tower over your fence, you can use these to make your space feel a whole lot bigger. Plant some nice bushes or medium size trees to blur the fence line and “steal your neighbors’ plants”. Another tactic is growing up the call with climbing plants like vines, or tumbling pot plants. Your guests won’t know where your garden ends and the neighbors starts.

A Bar or Entertaining Space

For the entertainers out there, it can be a dream to create an entertaining space that can bring friends and family together. Again, if you have a neglected shed, this can be the perfect opportunity to repurpose it.

A great perk of sheds being so versatile is that they can be used as a completely alternate living space than the ones in your home. If you have plenty of space in your shed, consider having a bar installed and add some stools. Another option is installing a grill so you can enjoy summer time cookouts. You’ll be able to invite a few friends around to the shed for drinks and to relax and maybe watch the footy!

Of course, a shed isn’t essential. A nice outdoor furniture set, and some pretty lights will do the trick just fine. Our advice here is to make sure that you have an electricity connection professionally installed. This way you can hook up fridges with drinks, a TV and a sound system to really get the party going.

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