5 Best Ways to Expand Your House Out and Up

by Greg on September 23, 2015

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Owning a house is a privilege in today’s economy and people who live in apartments think that any house can house everything they own. However, for a family with a couple of children and a pet, or a couple who owns an abundance of things and a car, for example, any house just will not do. When faced with a hard truth that their living space has become insufficient, there are generally two choices most people have – search for a new home or try to employ tricks to make their existing one more spacious. If you are in the process of expanding your house as well, here are some of the ways you can do this
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Going Up

The easiest and most obvious choice is adding a new story to your house – it can cost some money, but will be worth it in the long run. Plus, you can be present through the entire process, consult with the structural engineers, architects and interior designers. It is just like building a new house from scratch – the more involved you are, the higher the reward.

Some of the problems that arise from this idea are the durability of the foundations, the construction license and the final outcome. Unless you want your second-story addition to look like it had been built from Lego blocks and simply placed on top of your existing house, be sure to hire professionals with credentials.

Going Upper
If you do not want a whole new story, you can choose the easier path and create a higher roof. By raising it, you can add a considerable amount of space without going into too much trouble. For houses stacked between two neighboring ones, going vertical is the only way to go and a higher roof will be a great addition to them.

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Going Wide
Another effective solution is expanding your house into your back yard. This will consume a part of the garden, but is something that is recommended by many, including experts from ACG Building. What you basically do is build another room – or rooms – attached to your house, but located in the garden.

The perk of this approach is that you do not meddle with the existing construction. This means no problems with supporting materials, foundations and staircases, which is the reason this idea is so popular.

Going the Distance

A project similar to this one is creating new space through a series of small pavilions that are standalone, yet connected to each other and, of course, to your house. This is especially practical for big families since it allows each member a high level of privacy, but does not exclude being close to each other. Every one of these pavilions can be small and separate, but, under the same roof, they will look as a whole.
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Going New

Even though many houses have patios, not all people use them, which is a mistake. Unoccupied patios can be closed and thus included in the interior of the house. This idea is not as financially challenging and difficult as some of the previous ones and can bring nice results. Imagine having breakfast or afternoon tea in a room full of light, right between the exterior and the interior. Finally, this is also a chance to do something new with your house and even redecorate an old estate, giving it a makeover it deserves.


Before choosing a way to expand your house, you need to take legal issues into account. Do not even start planning until you have settled all licenses and considered zoning rules and regulations – and, of course, before hiring trustworthy contractors.


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