4 Ways to Ensure Your Home Is Safe Before Selling It

by Greg on October 7, 2020

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When it comes to selling your home, you want to get the most money possible for it. Part of ensuring such a high value is received from a buyer comes down to having what potential homeowners want in their desired home. Safety is an ever-increasing concern, and homebuyers want to ensure that the home they’re thinking about buying is safe.

Install a Security System
The ultimate layer of home protection is to have a security system. This system should alert you if any of the doors or windows of your home are broken into. Top-of-the-line home security systems should be controllable via your smartphone and automatically contact your local police department when a break-in is sensed. While you may think that you need a top-of-the-line security system with outside cameras, that’s not always the case. Rather, a base security system that offers theft alerts is more than enough for most homeowners to have peace of mind.

Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Fire Alarms
Every home should have active fire alarms. Having just one alarm isn’t good enough. It’s recommended that each room in your home has its own working fire alarm. This way, you can be alerted as quickly as possible when a fire breaks out. You can have a fire safety inspection performed by your local fire department to get recommendations on how to install these alarms. In homes that burn fuel to create heat, a carbon monoxide detector is also a necessity.

Upgrade Your Locks
Picking locks is nothing new. The sad part is that much of the same technology that was used a century ago is still being used today. To better protect your home, you should consider upgrading to smart technology. There are digital locks systems that can eliminate the need for a key in general. Without a keyhole, a potential burglar is unable to pick the lock.

Add Landscape Lighting
It’s very common knowledge that criminals are less likely to break into homes that are well-lit. This is due to the fact that passerbyers and neighbors can better witness their criminal activity. By simply adding some landscape lighting, you can decrease your risks of theft.

Ensuring that your home is safe is useful for creating a sense of peace in your mind and is a great bargaining chip for selling your home. Homebuyers want to know that they’ll be protected in your house. By implementing the four safety features above, you’ll be able to score a higher value when you sell your home.

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