4 Ultra-Creative Curb-Appeal Ideas for a Wow-Worthy First Impression

by Greg on June 14, 2019

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What do you usually look for in a house? The exterior of a house must be attractive and well-maintained as this can be reflective of what the homeowners are like. In a way, the exterior gives people a refreshing and lasting impression of the house. If you’re planning to buy or to sell a house-and-lot property, you might want to know the various curb appeal ideas or techniques that make a house look cozy and aesthetic. Here are some of the ultra-creative curb-appeal ideas that give a house the wow factor.

Use Vibrant Colors for the Front Door

According to Better Homes & Gardens, the easiest way to make your exterior unique is to splash a bright color on the front door. Make sure this color still fits with your house’s color scheme. The color you will use for the front door must attract people who pass by the street so they can appreciate the entirety of the house. Your house will easily be associated for its bright-colored front door. If you’re selling the property, this can also attract potential buyers easily.

Give It a Minimalist, Urban Feel

You can improve the house’s exterior by using industrial materials to give it an urbanized feel. A trendy, minimalist look can be well exhibited by washed-out wood paired with slate-color metals. You can also use black and white to give the exterior a minimalist look. To make your house look more comfortable, add a touch of nature by placing potted plants or leafy vines near the front door.

Don’t Underestimate Flower Power

Flowers can make a difference to your house’s exterior aside from potted plants and trees. They make your house look pleasant, especially from afar. However, putting plants and flowers near the front door or porch needs a lot of maintenance. You might need to learn a bit of gardening to make the exterior permanently beautiful and natural all throughout the year.

Use House Numbers

Back then, house numbers and a mailbox always add beauty to a house’s exterior. Now that people rely heavily on text and online messaging, mailboxes seem to be out of sight. But that doesn’t mean house numbers should be eliminated. You can use house numbers as a way to make your house stand out and for everyone else to keep track of where your house is located. You can channel your creativity by painting or carving wooden materials, using colorful lights, or using a customized house-number decor.

Improve the Walkway

Don’t just let the walkway be characterized by concrete. You might want to mix different materials to make the walkway stand out, or you may also use lights to brighten it up at night. This will make your house look extra aesthetic. It can also help guide the way whenever you come home at night or when you just need to chill outside for some fresh air. You can find great lighting that will facilitate a better home landscape. Proper landscape lights can also help you light up the porch, the garage, and the rest of the house’s exterior to make it look more vibrant at night.

Achieve the wow factor you’ve always wanted to evoke from beloved guests, neighbors, and people who pass by your house. If you’re buying a house, make sure to consider these tips in improving the exterior of your potential abode. If you’re selling a house, use these tips to attract potential buyers effortlessly. Blend in colors, mix in materials, and light up the exterior so you can make your dream house a reality.

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