4 Bohemian Design Ideas to Find Your Fireside Inspiration

by Greg on February 22, 2017

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Are you artistic? Do you like to reinvent, experiment, and explore? Then you might be perfectly suited for the bohemian décor.

With the right bohemian design ideas, you can easily turn your fireside into a beautiful masterpiece that will soon be the envy of everyone who gets the opportunity to enter your home.

fireplace fireside inspiration
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The following décor inspiration will help you turn your fireside into a true work of art – carefully illustrating your unique personality and highlighting what you find inspiring and beautiful in the world.

It will also allow you to express the unconventionality of your life. Let’s mix textures, patterns, and colors without paying any heed to the fancy and the hoity-toity – they come with the package, if you know what I mean.

A boho fireside will allow you to personalize your living room and make it different and outstanding. The best feature that comes with this décor style is that you can use any color, hue, item, and piece. The style is often reminiscent of eastern interiors – meaning that you’ll get to enjoy bright patterns and colors. Alternatively, you can go for something calmer by choosing a white theme.

Whatever you use, be it fabric, greenery, fur and/or wood, it will be easy for you to fall back on the following 4 bohemian design ideas.

  1. Get Artsy

artsy fireplace
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An artistic display not only shows that you are a connoisseur, it also allows you to gaze at your favorite pieces of art. Irrespective of your particular tastes and preferences, art can be a wonderful addition to toss over and around your mantel to achieve the boho vibe while supporting artists of the same inclination.

For the effect, consider going for the trendy art gallery wall – either hanging the paintings above the mantel or letting them sit atop it. Alternatively, make your own statement by adding a single piece of art that perfectly reflects your personality and worldview, while accentuating your wall mounted electric fireplace.

Another way to get artsy with your bohemian fireside is to mix the new and the old with reckless abandon. Although the very essence of bohemian décor calls for a fresh version of laissez-faire, the style will look even better when you juxtapose modern items with older ones.

For instance, a sleek fireplace mantel could hold a colorful display of gypsy art. You could also add a lacquered fireside chair with an ancient stand holding your old, tired and weathered secretary. In the same way, you might want to paint the walls contemporarily white to form the perfect backdrop for a couple of Bohemian-style art décor objects.

Ensure every space is filled. With keenness on diversity and variety in form and color, always choose those artistic objects you love. Then, use them to fill each physical and visual spot on and around the fireplace. As always, think outside the box so that the layout ends up looking like an open book that you creatively filled out with art.

  1. Go for the Handmade

artsy fireplace inspiration
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The bohemian style is highly focused on a unique sense of individuality. This is why handmade items will serve as the perfect accompaniment to your fireside. The great thing about these objects is that no two are the same.

Irrespective of whether your handmade picks come in the form of braided rug photos, textiles, sculptures, oil paintings, or stone carvings, you can be sure that your fireplace will look positively glowing once you are done decorating it.

The most important thing, of course, would be that feeling of personal individuality. Use it to trump every previous notion of the rules and regulations governing other decorating schemes.

With handmade products, the more you get the better it will look around your fireside. The bohemian style particularly emphasizes that rare sense of stuffed-right-to-the-brim. In a sense, it mimics that feeling that the space is overflowing with life, creativity, and genius.

A décor theme that perfectly embraces boho will end up looking busy – almost chaotic – and yet happy and confident in its richness and fullness. Therefore, reach out for your beloved handmade pieces and fill the surfaces and spaces on and around your fireside with color and textiles, wood and stone, and layers of beauty and vibrancy.

  1. Add Greenery

fireplace greenery
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Fireplaces are typically made of hard and heavy materials, such as stone and brick. This means that they will weigh down the look of your bedroom/living unless you dress them properly.

You can easily break the masculinity of the space up with a series of soft and fluid takes from nature. That pop of green will complement the design style you pick. You can also use exquisite and laid back floral arrangements to highlight the feminine tone of the space. Throw in some tall grasses and you will have a delicately neutral height that catches the eye.

Get some inspiration from Erin Wasson. Her personal style is serious bohemian – what with the aesthetics she creates using greenery. The added color lends an airy feel to her living room as you can see in this link.

While adding greenery around your fireside, choose to be deliberately seasonal. In the spring, reach out for fresh flowers. Then, replace them with bowls of fruit or tall grasses in summer. As fall approaches, get vases of cranberries before shifting to willows and holiday greens in the winter. This way, your mantel will always flow with the seasons.

  1. Switch It Up

cool fireplace
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Your mantel is an important focal point irrespective of where it is located. This makes it easy for you to change out whenever the need arises and depending on the event you are hosting.

One of the great bohemian design ideas you can fall back on is to collect pieces that you are sure you will use together. Then, be creative in the way you move things around to create a fresh look every once in a while.

For instance, you could mix and match such items as vases, candles, and any other small decorative object. Isaac Mizrahi’s living room is a stunning space that combines unique art with interesting art, thereby creating a cool classic-contemporary mix.

As long as you keep changing the boho décor according to your whims, you should be able to find your fireside inspiration. Over and above everything else, an accessorized fireside will make the overall feel and look of your home as bohemian as you want.

The more you layer the space with unique finds, the prettier it will end up looking. There are tons of festive and seasonal boho design ideas out there for your benefit. Fall back on them to find your fireside inspiration – starting with the 4 tips described above.


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