2019 Trends in Home Decor

by Greg on February 20, 2019

Home decor trends 2019

Each year, designers showcase a new look for home décor. After several years of neutrals, metallics and monochromes, designers are featuring natural elements, personalized accents, dramatic looks, bold patterns and color. Even if you don’t want to do a complete home makeover, you can incorporate some of these ideas for a fresh look. 

Here are the basic trends in home décor for 2019. 


Pantone releases a new color each year that sparks imagination, inspires and foreshadows trends. This year, Pantone is featuring Living Coral, a blend of soft hues of coral with undertones of gold. The color reflects the natural environment, warmth and nourishment. Top designers are incorporating these ideas into their 2019 portfolios, emphasizing social interactions, joy and nature. 

Softer hues of white are favored this year. Instead of colors with grey undertones, designers are featuring warm, spicy undertones. This works well at windows, accentuating the golden hues of sunlight. To dress up a window, try sheers in shades with undertones of spice. Complement this with drapes in bold florals or solids that enhance the feeling of warmth and nature. Terracotta, golden sandstone and forest green echo nature. 

Frame a window with white curtains bordered by walls of green. Mint greens are cool and happy. Deep greens are dramatic and create a cozy ambience. The jewel tones of jade and malachite add a vibrant hue. 

If you are afraid of too much color, follow the 60-30-10 rule for decorating with color. Use the primary color in 60 percent of the area, such as floors, ceilings, walls or large pieces of furniture. 

Use the secondary color in 30 percent of the area, such as an accent wall, draperies, throw rugs, smaller pieces of furniture or bedding. The secondary color should complement the primary color but add interest. Use the accent color in 10 percent of the area, including table lamps, pillows, artwork and other accessories. Pick a color from a painting, curtain fabric, rug or upholstery as the accent color. 

Nature and Sustainability 

A primary design theme for 2019 is bringing nature indoors to accentuate the relationship of people with the environment. Several designers feature sustainable, natural materials in furniture, floor coverings and window treatments. Each item in a room should have a purpose and emphasize sustainability. Timeless materials, classic designs, crafted accessories and handmade furniture complement this look. Embellish with stone and plants to accentuate the idea. If you tire of the accessories, the foundation of the décor can still function as an attractive living space. 

In window treatments, wood blinds come in many natural wood tones that blend well with almost any décor. Adjusting slats lets you modulate light throughout the day and provides complete privacy when you want it. Bold florals in bright colors on Roman shades add drama to a window. 

Layering Texture and Color 

Layer for an interesting look. Build from the floor up, adding color and texture to furniture, walls, windows and accessories. Light-colored wood floors form a backdrop for furniture, lighting, wall color and windows. An antique rug works well as an attractive focal point. Select a color or design from the rug to use in furniture and accessories throughout the room. 

Designers are focusing on texture and design on ceilings and walls as well. Textured wallpaper, architecturally embellished ceilings and wall colors that evoke nature are prominent this year. 

One of the least expensive and most effective ways to renew the look of a room is to update the window treatments. Use color and texture at windows to create a focal point or support prominent design themes in a room. Window treatments also work well as focal points. Try textured fabrics like silk or linen in bold colors or floral patterns to set a tone. 

This year, designers are using elaborate trim, such as tassels, ribbon and braid, to personalize window dressings and add interest. Use them as tiebacks on draperies, add them to roller blinds, or hang them as fringe on valances. For a cohesive look, use the same trim on pillows, lamp shades and other accessories in the room. 

Designers are also showcasing fabric and curtains as room dividers and wall treatments. Mount gathered curtains on decorative rods on walls for a rich look. Hang curtains in a doorway to transition between rooms. Use drapery to divide small spaces, creating a private area when you want it. The softness of fabric doesn’t overwhelm the way a wall does. 

Most of all, enjoy creating a home that is uniquely yours. Whether you want a design theme carried from room to room or want to create a different mood in each room, color, window dressings, furnishings and accessories can individualize each space.

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