14 Best Houseplants for a Restful Sleep

by Greg on May 21, 2019

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Did you know that plants that are grown indoors can actually contribute towards your sleep? Here in this article, we give you details about 14 of the best houseplants to keep that will help you sleep a lot better. Have a look!

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Plants all over the world are known to improve a home’s appearance and professionals from homeiown.com can confirm that, but did you know that there are actually popular house plants that can help you sleep? In this article, we will go through some of the best potted plants and houseplants that you can use.

1. Jasmine
This little shrub has a lovely fragrance and white flowers that have sedating properties. They have been found to reduce anxiety levels and impact positively on sleep quality.

2. Bamboo Palm
This is a wonderful plant for removing trichloroethylene and benzene which have known to cause respiratory problems. It’s a shrub with excellent filtering properties.

3. Honeysuckle
The sweet and subtle fragrance of the honeysuckle is much more intense in the dark. The aroma is truly wonderful and can help you relax at night time.

4. Rubber Tree Plant
This is known all over the world as an air purifying shrub. Many cultures around the world have adopted it as an ornament in the home for this reason.

5. Lavender
This shrub produces a wonderful scent that has been proven to help reduce blood pressure, heart rate and even soothe fussy babies! Growing lavender indoors can certainly contribute to good health.

6. Peace Lily
Peace lilies have a remarkable way of filtering harmful toxins from the air. Impurities and microbes in the air won’t be disturbing and sleep with this shrub around.

7. Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is known as the most effective for filtration of hazardous toxins and chemicals in the air. Oxygen is let out during the night time, which is atypical for shrubs. This will leave you with fresh and clean air for a restful sleep.

8. Spider Plant
It has been approved by NASA for its air filtering quality! Did you know that one of these spider plants can remove 90% of harmful formaldehyde from the air around them? They can also filter carbon monoxide and benzene too.

9. Valerian
This perennial herb has pink red or white flowers. Herbalists often prescribe this to treat anxiety and insomnia. It has a wonderful vanilla fragrance which helps induce sleep.

10. English Ivy
This is one of the leaders for air purification. It has been known to help those who suffer from allergies by helping purify the air surrounding it.

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11. Gardenia
Much like the jasmine plant, this house plant species has white flowers and a powerful fragrance which has been shown to have a similar dosing effect as drugs such as Valium. You won’t need sleeping pills with this plant around.

12. Snake plant
This is another shrub which has made it to NASA’s list for its air purification ability. Carbon dioxide can be absorbed, and oxygen is released during night time, giving you active deep sleep.

13. Pothos
Any plant that is a member of the pothos family it is great at filtering the air and can be grown in dim light conditions making it one of those perfect low light houseplants.

14. Hoya
The thick and green leaves of this plant look beautiful, and it filters out air with star-shaped flowers. A real looker for any bedroom!

That’s about it from us and our guide. We hope that you get a good night sleep using any of the small indoor plants and large house plants that we’ve mentioned. Good night!

Do you have any plants that you think would fit the list? Send us your comments below.


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