10 Ingenious Ways to Turn Old Kitchen Utensils into Stylish Home Items

by Greg on October 14, 2019

kitchen utensils

Kitchen utensils are all the rage for making stylish home items these days. In this article, we show one how to use old utensils and transform them into great and fun products for use around the home.

Ever wondered about cleaning out your wardrobes, shelves, and drawers back home? There’s a lot of stuff needn’t always be thrown away though – many things can be made from recycled materials. Here in this guide, we look at ten fun and quirky ideas to turn regular old kitchen utensils into slick and stylish home items. Ready? Let’s find out more!

1. Fruit bowls

Fashion a few dozen remaining pieces of cutlery to create one stunning fruit bowl. It can become the centerpiece to any kitchen table and will have dinner party guests gasping in amazement. All that one needs is old forks, spoons, and adhesive such as super glue to create your desired bowl shape.

2. Lamps

Ever noticed how a colander looks much like a lampshade? Turning one upside down and hanging it over an ordinary bulb does the trick. It will create a stunning and unique lamp radiating soft light in any room.

3. A holder

If one has an empty sugar bowl lying around, it should not be put to waste. Transform this into one neat looking multi-purpose holder to organize any items from towels to pencils. Your quirky and stylish holder will add a touch of class to your home.

4. Flower pots

Small flower pots boost the appeal of interior spaces. By taking some corks, tiny magnets to attach your pot to magnetic surfaces and a spoon for watering, you can create small flower pots with ease. These make for great containers when planting succulents such as cacti that don’t require a lot of water. This cork is an excellent material to use.

5. Floor lamp bases

Throwing away what remains of an old tea set isn’t right! Use these and transform them into bases for floor lamps by drilling holes in the bottoms of each cup and combining them with adhesive to put the lamp on top. Hey presto, you’ve got yourself one neat product!

6. Lights for walls

Along with old tea sets, lampshades can be fashioned from unused teacups. Think of how cool that will look in the kitchen! A talking point for sure.

7. Flowerbeds

Rusty grills make for excellent garden furnishings. Use them to plant something on! Herbs look lovely when planted on grills.

8. Hooks

Want a unique and quirky idea? By taking metal forks and bending them, you can make an unusual and exciting wall hook. Use tools such as pliers and hammers to bend and drill holes in your wall to place screws.

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9. Hanging teacups

Teacups will look beautiful in any interior setting. By gluing a teacup to a dessert plate and attaching the whole thing to a wooden shelf, this will give a wacky and interesting vibe. This cool display can be put anywhere at home.

10. Chandeliers

Think of what can be done with just spoons and forks! By attaching them to the underside of a lampshade, you can make one stunning chandelier. This won’t even go unnoticed by any guests that come over!

Kitchen utensils are very multi-purpose!

That’s about it from us. Who knew that ordinary vintage kitchen utensils could be put to such good use? We hope to have inspired some creative flair in your home design. Best of luck and have fun!
Have you ever made anything from designer kitchen utensils? Got any ideas? We’d love to hear more. Please send us your ideas in the comments section below.


Joshua Sherman

Joshua Sherman used to work as a modern kitchen utensils designer for over 20 years before retiring to become a copywriter. He loves writing guides on topics to do with design and home decor and has recently finished working on a comprehensive guide to help and show people where to buy kitchen utensils.

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